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Pop, HipHop & Dance

Music Production & DJ Classes

I want to share my passion for music production, beat making & DJ’ing.

For who

Everybody who wants to learn the art of music production, music mixing, beat making & DJ’ing


Q Factory, Amsterdam

1 hour trial

This is a one time offer to see if you like dj'ing
20 1 hour trial
  • 1 on 1 trial class
  • Learn the basics of producing and DJ'ing
  • Ask questions and see what fits for you

1 hour class

Together we'll go trough all the basics of dj'ing
48,50 1 hour class
  • 1 on 1 classes
  • Ask questions, get feedback or start working
  • Schedule the hours according to your schedule

4 hour class pack

Together we'll go trough all the basics of dj'ing
188,95 4 hours class
  • 1 on 1 classes
  • Learn how to work in your DAW or behind the decks
  • Get a solid base knowledge & skills

8 hour class pack

Together we'll go trough all the basics of dj'ing
379,95 8 hour class
  • 1 on 1 classes
  • Start creating beats, productions or full sets
  • Deep understanding of music production & music mixing

Prices differ for short time durations from a beat, for example for video content, advertisements etc. Always feel free to contact me for special inquiries.

Non-exclusive beat

  • The rights of this beat remain to VOYOU MUSIC
  • 50% of the money earned with the use of this beat must be shared with VOYOU MUSIC
  • Beat is delivered in a single WAV file

Exclusive beat

  • Exclusive rights of the beat
  • Beat is delivered in a single WAV file

Exclusive beat tracked out

  • Exclusive rights of the beat
  • all the individual tracks separately

You are an artist working in Pop, HipHop or RnB? I will help you perfect your craft and reach new limits you wouldn’t have thought you could achieve.

As a producer, I make every studio session count, make sure to KEEP THE MOTIVATION HIGH and get to know you as an artist.

What can you expect?

  • I work with Logic Pro X. I know my way around Ableton, but Logic Pro X is my go-to DAW.
  • You come as prepared as you want.
  • Do you have a song written already? Let’s record and listen to how we can improve it.
  • Do you have an idea for a beat? Let’s get it running through the speakers.
  • Do you have a melody? Let’s write some lyrics.
  • Do you have anything? Let’s create from scratch.

Every session is different & every artist is different.
One session is 3 hours.

You are welcome in my studio here:

What I offer

"Stretch your boundaries"

As a producer, I am addicted to creating music and the creative process of helping artists to reach the sound they want to achieve. Guiding artists through the process of songwriting & vocal production. Sessions that have good flows and making sure the production moves to its final stage.

My goal is to lift every song to the level where it needs to be and higher. There is no settling for less. Lifting you as an artist higher than you would’ve gone without me, while still feeling comfortable in the process of stretching your boundaries.

My Journey

My name is Maxime AKA Voyou

Born in 1997 & started making music when I was 12. Growing up I was mostly surrounded by Rock, Hardrock & Punkrock. But there were many other genres around me, Jazz, Classical Music & Pop Music.

Learning to play the guitar made we want to do more with music. A couple of years later, I started making Dance Music in Garageband. Soon Garageband wasn’t an option anymore, I bought myself some real programs and started working.
Really fast, I fell in love with the process of creating. Going from nothing to something.

At 19, after finishing High School, I studied Electronic Music Production and Audio Engineering & Music Production at the SAE Institute Amsterdam. Doing sessions at the Wisseloord Studios made me slide off the HipHop beats and made me enjoy Pop Music.

I started doing a lot of sessions with artists, songwriters & other producers. Working in different studios with different people in many different genres.

Today I work in HipHop, RnB & Pop Music. But most importantly I want to create, collaborate, make art & WORK.


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